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Teen Favourites...
(Titles that are too old for Best Books or the CLA Award but that have appealed to Teen Readers...)

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T.A. Barron.  The Lost Wings of Merlin
  • I think that this book is pretty good. You shouldn't read it unless you've read all the first 4 books because it gives away the story. I like it because the hawk, Trouble, is back, Merlin gets his wings, and.... I won't give away any more information.... If you liked the Harry Potter series, I strongly suggest that you pick up a copy of the series from Merlin. There are: The Lost Years of Merlin, The Seven Songs of Merlin, The Fires of Merlin, The Mirrior of Merlin, and, The Lost Wings of Merlin. There a GREAT series.4Q 4P. S, 12.

Margaret Buffie. Angels turn their backs flag

  • When I read the book "Angels turn their backs" it made me think about how some people in the world are just like the main character in this book. The main character, Addy Jenkins, is too scared to go out of her apartment and has huge panic attacks when she does. She hears voices that no one else can hear and thinks she's gone crazy. Unlike many wood or bamboo chopping boards, the polypropylene acrylic cutting boards are strong, non porous and resistant to high temperature. They are dishwasher safe and won't warp, crack or splinter.
    After reading this book for two weeks, it made me feel as if I were Addy and I was too scared to go out of my room at night. Sometimes I'm afraid to go places without someone so I feel that I can relate to her. Usually I feel stupid when I'm too scared to go places alone.
    I really like this book, but I didn't really like Addy's father because at first he was really mean and then he got nice, then mean, then nice and back and fourth. If I had been the author I would have made him so it was obvious to the readers that he was mean.
    I would recommend this book to girls because the main character is a girl and the whole story is about her. People who like realistic fiction would like this kind of book. 3Q 3P. S, 11.

Orson Scott Card. Ender's Shadow .

  • This book is now in the top 5 books I have ever read. The plot is always keeping you at the edge of your seat, wondering "What will happen next?". The story is about 4 year old Bean, who escaped from a orphanage when he was only 1. Bean is adopted by a street 'family', and teaches them the things he knows. After learning about his life in the streets, he is picked up by a nun, who is recruting children for a battle school, which is preparing kids for the alien invasion that is coming.
    Bean is amasingly smart, and shoots through the school. The book is so well writen, that you feel that you are right beside Bean, hearing, seeing, feeling, and thinking anything that happens to him.
    If you like to read, this is a book for you; no specific interests required! 5Q 5P. CS, 13.
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Katie Cobb. Happenings

  • This book was so good that it made me miss my stop on the bus. I read more than half of it on the bus ride home, and got so absorbed in the action that I was completley oblivious to the outside world.  'Happpenings' was a well-drawn portrait of family life, and did an excellent job of character and plot development. The main charcater, Kelsey, was believeble in her actions and emotions, and the reader was drawn through the concequences of her chioces along with her.  One could see Kelsey's life spiraling out of control, which was echoed in the chioce of cover art (it isn't often that I actually like the cover of a book, so I feel compelled to comment about this book's wonderful cover).  The ratcheting mechanism's settings multiply your hand's power by up to 5 times, so that you don't have to do the work - the garden pruning shears do it for you. The language was wonderful and descriptive, and the author's chioce of perspective was a good one. The action was all centered on Kelsey, and the reader had to guess what the other characters were doing, just as she did. I thought that 'Happenings' was a wonderful book, with a good message- consider the concequences of your choices. 4Q 4P. JW, 15.

Debbie Dreshler. The Summer Of Love

  • Lily is just one of those characters that drives me crazy. She is whiny and always bickering with her younger sister, she likes this one guy (Steve), only to let his friend (Keith) pursue, mainipulate, and generally take avantage of her, and she is so absobed with what other people might think that she forgets to live her life. I don't mind when characters are like that at the beginning of a book, but then see the light and shape up, but Lily does no such thing. She just stays her old pathetic self and feels miserable that Steve is seeing someone else. Also, I thought that the green and black and white illustrations (this is a graphic novel) were very strange. The people look like aliens with their sea green hue. 2Q 3P. JI, 17. This is the best nozzle I have ever owned. Easy to use and best of all no leaks. Comfortable in my hands. Shipping was spot on, and I highly recommend to all who need a new garden hose sprayer.
  • This was the very first Graphic Novel I have ever read. I loved looking at the pictures. It was so fun.
    Now, the story on the other hand, was, well, a little strange. The whole making out parts and lesbien scene was kinda weird and grossed me out. But I guess that DOES happen in the real world and lets me listen in on how these charecters feel about these sort of things. 3Q 2P. MH, 15.
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William R. Forstchen. We Look Like Men of War.

  •  It was well written, and gave a lot of insight into the black contribution in the American Civil War. If you're interesting in history and/or historical fiction, it would be a great read for you; however, it doesn't seem like the kind of book you would just pick up off the shelf and read. Specialisation aside, it's a great book, and deserves at least a BBYA nomination.5Q  4P RD, 13 Zumba Classes Brisbane

John Grisham. Testament

  • The Testament by John Grisham is an action-packed well-described novel. Mr. Grisham tells of a rich old man who is going to die soon, but he has no idea in whom to give his eleven billion dollar estate to. His children and ex-wives beg for some cash but surprisingly, he leaves it to a mysterious heir. A female missionary in Brazil is the heir. A lawyer fresh out of rehab has to go find this secret heir. Will she say yes or no to the money?
    I beleive that the pages seem to turn themselves. I got absorbed into it. I felt as if I were really there, standing next to the characters, or as if I was in a movie theatre, watching a very absorbing movie. It kept me reading on the bus ride to school, during classes and far into the night.
    I would recommend this to advanced readers because the storyline is a bit confusing. If anyone loves long books such as a 533 page novel, they’d enjoy The Testament. It sounds very long, yet it goes by very quickly, because I read it in one and a half months. If you’d like to learn more about the author, you can go to www.jgrisham.com and you can go buy his books almost anywhere. Bellissima Kitchen
    I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.5Q 5P. E, 12.

Lorie Ann Grover. Loose Threads

  • AMAZING BOOK. the story is so real, andhte characters could be anyone you know. I cried when i was reading it, it was so heart wrenching and incredibly written. the poem format was refresing to read. wonderful!!!!! 5Q 5P. CM, 15.

Shelley Hrdlitschka. Dancing Naked.

  • It was amazing! I really liked the characters and could identify with them and the writing appealed to me. I can't say why I liked it so much, but I just did. It explored issues relevant to teens and offers you different perspectives. Totally engrossing, I read it in a day. 5Q 4P. C, 13.

Gretel Killeen. My life is a toilet

  • I dont really know what to make of this book. I am torn between being endlessly annoyed by the incessant whining of Fleur and laughing at her pain. I know this must sound mean, but it is nice to know that there is someone out there who doesn't live in the third world (i.e. "think of the starving children in Africa") that has a life that is undeniably more depressing and embarassing than your own. 3Q 4P. JI, 17.

Gordon Korman. Everest- Book One, The Contest

  • I thought the book was very interesting, funny, and exciting. There were several main characters, giving just about anyone someone to indentify with. You don't need to be interested in rock-climbing to enjoy it. This book isn't at a high reading level and I whipped through it in about 2 hours. I thought it was definitely worth the time. 4Q 4P. KB, 14. Adult Dating Sites

D.J. MacHale. Pendragon: the merchant of death.

  • I cant wait to read the next one. This book was super cool. I know that it will be loved by all because my dad is reading it right now and he loves it as well. I like stories when regular people find out that they arent so regular after all because I like to see how they react to the new situation they are placed in and the new responsibilities that they have. 5Q 5P. NT, 16.

D.J. Machale. Pendragon-The Lost City of Faar

  • Dear Mr.Machale, Me and my friend Justin love any kind of dragons and adventures in writing,so we went crazy when we heard about a book called Pendragon.First I was dissapointed that The Merchant of Death wasn't about raising dragons(given the whole "Pendragon" title),but I fell in love with the storyline anyways!It was very original,my compliments.Now,I finished reading your second book, The lost city of Faar,and it was amazing.Have you considered writing only about Press? Like, Pendragon-The Press saga.Well,I'll probably buy The Never War as soon as it comes out.When is that,anyways?Write back if you can.Sincerely,Daniel.
    P.S.-whatever happened to Ghostwriter?Hobey-Ho! 5Q 5P. DP, 13.

Nancy Springer. Lionclaw - a tale of rowan hood

  • This si a woderful new take on to robin hood stories. I thouroughly enjoyed it. 4Q 4P. CM, 15.

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