3 Steps on how to install and change a car battery safely

Safe tips how to install and replace the car battery covers 3 stages, namely how to remove the old battery, rust cleaning process and how to install a new battery. However, before we continue, we suggest you visit garagemasterblog.com if you want to buy a car battery charger soon.

The three steps on how to install and replace the car battery we will explain as follows:

How to Remove an Old Battery

The first step you should do is to remove the battery properly. To be more secure, remove the wires, bolts, and clamps on the negative pole first, then proceed to the positive pole. After all the cables and clamps are removed, lift the battery upright so that the liquid in the battery does not spill.

Meanwhile, if pulling the negative cable first then by itself will disconnect the electrical current on the car body. If there are metal objects or other objects falling on both terminals though then it will not have problems.

Cleaning the Rusty Parts

The second step is to check the cable and battery clamps. If there is rust, use stainless liquids to clean it or you can rub it to remove rust. Rust and various impurities attached to the clamps and the ends of the wires will become the insulators/barriers to the flow of electricity.

How to Install a New Battery

The third step is to install a new battery. How to install a new battery in contrast to how to remove the old battery. Place the battery on the stand perpendicularly, then plug the positive cable first, then proceed with installing the negative cable. This is done to prevent the emergence of sparks on the positive pole. Make sure that all the cables and clamps are securely locked. After that try turn on your car engine, if all goes well, then you can close the hood and continue the journey.

Note: After installing a positive cable and then installing a negative cable on the battery terminal, there will be a spark when brought near the terminal. You do not need to panic, because if the batter head is fully sealed then the spark will not reappear. Unless the short circuit occurs it will show up sparks at the negative pole.