The Best Way To Make Abs

Who does not want to have a stomach like a model that is on the cover of a magazine or like actors and actresses sexy coast guard? The stomach is indeed the easiest part to enlarge, a place of fat storage and if it is like this will make you feel inferior. Having a flat stomach or even a clear muscle curve in the abdominal area may be your dream. If you really want to exercise then do abs exercises. But do not exercise indiscriminately, if you are wrong in doing so the effort to build the abdominal muscles will be in vain and may hurt your body. Therefore learn more about how to train your stomach with these additional tips from

– Do it regularly
A half-paced exercise will keep you away from having a dreamy stomach. Therefore do this exercise routinely. Do abs exercises for 15 to 20 minutes about 3 to 4 times a week.

– Focus on the inner abdominal muscles
Internal abdominal muscles that need to be trained like transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, and internal or external oblique. So doing exercises that train the pelvic floor is a good start to exercise to control abdominal exercises and this is often bypassed by most people.

– Push to the limit
Yes, if you want to reach the shape of the dream body alias flat stomach, then you should be a little force your body to practice. So train your stomach until you feel you can not practice anymore. Just like strength training with a load where the best way to build muscle is to train it hard enough so that the muscle is rebuilt when it “breaks”.

– Abs exercises while standing
If you have limited time to practice, Choose standing abs exercises instead of the supine workout on the floor, as this standing exercise will train all your abdominal muscles, not just the upper muscles. However, this may be more difficult and should be under the supervision of a trainer at first. Like movement by standing with both feet wide open and holding a barbell in your hand. Then move the dumbbell up or down.

– Keep the distance between chin and chest
During the abs exercise try to keep the distance between chin and chest. Do not look down every moment will tense the neck. Let your abs work instead of your chin.