Choosing the Right Pool Pump in Accordance With Your Needs

The pump is the heart of the pool, the life and death of the swimming pool are heavily dependent on the pool pump. You should have a pump to turn on your pool. If not, then your pool even if there is water is sure the water is dirty, smelly, mossy and filled with lots of bacteria and fungi. This is even more likely to occur in pools that already, use a pump but not a special pump for swimming pools. When seeking the best product and determine for online research, make sure you choose the trusted Source to gain details and even reviews.

1. Make sure you choose a pool-specific pump

A fatal mistake if your pool pump is not a pump designed specifically for swimming pools. There is a fundamental difference that is on the basket strainer. The water pump for the swimming pool must have a basket distributed with water input, which serves to filter out dirt with a size large enough to escape the skimmer.

2. Know the pool water volume

First, you need to know how much water that fills your pool, how do you try to recall the volume formula, or you can ask for help on your grandson who is good at math. Then how to measure the volume of water in a circular pool? if the circle is perfect you can use the volume formula of the tube. Forr an artistic pool with winding sides, the way you measure it can use long sides as well as the width of the pool based on a straight line draw, and reduce it by the estimated free space. Why should we bother calculating volume, what does it do? based on the volume of water this will be used to select the swimming pool pump that suits the size of your pool.

3. Know Flow Rate

Before you buy our product, you should know the flow rate, is the ability of the pump to drain water at a certain period of time. See pump specifications, for example, if a written flow rate of 20m3 / hour, this means that within a period of 1 hour the pump is able to in-out fill and filter the water as much as 20 cubics.