Get to Know Satchel Bag

In addition to functioning as a tool to store as well as carry goods, women’s bags are designed in various shapes and variations basically can also be used to support the appearance of the wearer. Satchel bag one of them. Get the Best Leather Satchel by visiting our website.

Satchel bag is a type of bag obtained from the development of messenger bag design (bag postman). Messanger bag itself has a large box shape. The messenger bag is quite popular in the era of 80s is now more often used as a bag to store laptops. In contrast to many messenger bags made from canvas fabric, satchel bag is more made of vinyl fabric, leather, or other materials that glossy. Can also use a fabric that is unique and light-colored.

Satchel bags generally have one or two straps on the front of the bag cover. The main function is to secure the bag so as not to open easily. Besides the satchel bag is also equipped with a long strap to wrap the bag on the shoulder. Although initially only used as a school bag by the students, but now satchel bag also began to be adapted as a complimentary item of fashion that can be used for daily activities to look more relaxed.

There are several names of bag materials used in bag making, based on the quality of the ingredients, the material is divided into several levels of quality. First, for bag bags of high quality, usually, the material used comes from the type MBTech, Murano or platinum. These three types of materials can produce high quality, these three materials are usually used in the manufacture of women bags. Because the characteristics of this material are strong and durable. This type of material is often applied in making ladies bags such as Satchel Bag.