Useful tricks that will help you lower your AC electric bill

Plant shade trees around your home to lessen the warmth of the sun. This can lessen cooling costs by up to 30%. Meanwhile, you might need to visit to repair your AC if it’s damaged or when it needs a freon refuel.

From that point forward, close the window ornaments/shades in favor of your home in coordinate daylight.

Bear in mind to introduce overhangs on windows that get immediate daylight.

Also, one more, make sure to close the air openings in your home will decrease the cost of utilizing the ventilation system. Introduce the fan and run when the air is hot. On the off chance that the fan just diminishes the solace marginally, utilize the fan without aerating and cooling. Be that as it may, if the air is sufficiently hot and requires aerating and cooling, utilizing a fan in the meantime will enable you to set temperatures of 5 degrees, which will lessen your AC control costs. Just utilize the fan when you are in the room, since running the fan does not by any stretch of the imagination bring down the temperature. Air moving by the fan will build the measure of vanishing from your skin and enable chill you to off.