Safety Tips When You Benefit from Electrical System


Each of you is surely familiar with the term namely electrical, right? The use of an electrical system is able to find in our daily lives of course. Electricity is useful in life. But behind all that, electricity in the household is actually also dangerous if you do not know how to manage. Therefore electricity is not harmful if handled with safety precautions. If not, then the electricity potentially endanger lives and property. Unfortunately, some of our people do not know this. Or to say, knowledge about a household electrical network, is very minimal. Thus studying the electrical safety aspects of households is the main thing. Then what potential harm? There are several things, like the following.


Electricity can harm us in two ways.

1. Sting: The body is very sensitive to electricity. The slightest exposure to electricity can cause severe injury to the human body. Here are some findings of it.

2. Fires: Fire fires due to overheated or damaged electrical wiring are common phenomena. For example, statistics show that in the United States, there are 40,000 settlement fires each year. This is caused by the problem of electrical wiring systems, which claimed more than 350 human lives. Causes thousands of injuries due to electric shock and burns. Resulting damage to personal property worth more than the US $ 2 billion. In Indonesia, there is no such data. It could be even bigger numbers because our people’s awareness about it is still lacking.

Typical symptoms trigger electrical accidents, mostly due to reckless while using electricity in the household. So take into account the following symptoms and triggers that can cause electrical accidents.

1. Be aware of electric shock.

2. Often replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker.

3. Stopcontacts, panels, cables, and others, which are overheated.

4. Black burn marks on a socket, switch or panel.

5. Too many adapters and cable connection.

6. Inadequate wiring circuits.