Obligatory terms and conditions for Umrah Worship

Understanding the meaning of Umrah and related is not complete without knowing the terms and conditions for Umrah. Meanwhile, you can also see umrah packages 2018 to find the best travel service for your Umrah.

1. Terms Umrah
Be Muslim
Has a baligh (adult and sensible) aqil, although you can take the children to do it, the legitimate Umrah is still for those who are already baligh. But the Umrah journey for children can be considered as a means of educating Islamic religious education
Independent (not slaves)
Istithah (capable)
If a person does not meet the above requirements then the Umrah duty will fall the person.

2. Conditions for Umrah
Intention of Ihram
Doing thawaf Umrah
Sa’i (jogging) between Shofa and Marwah
Berahallul (shave all or part of head hair)
Conditions for Umrah above should be done sequentially and should not be left one of the conditions because if not done will cause the umrah not valid and must be repeated again.