Add your creativity to your curtains and blinds

Want to add a unique touch to your home? Try to make curtains of unused fabrics aka patchwork. First of all, collect used clothes as much as possible. The more varied colors and motifs will make your Roller Blinds and curtains become more interesting.

Next, scissor and shape the patchwork into square shapes. Square length can suit your taste, whether large or small square. After cutting the entire fabric into square shapes of the same size, stack the fabric. Unify your creative. And finally, sew the patchwork into a complete curtain.

In addition, the minimalist room will match the motif curtains are not too flashy, for example, stripes or stripes. You can make your own because it is so easy. Equipment you need to prepare is a white plain curtain fabric, acrylic paint, duct tape, ruler, and roller.

Once the equipment is equipped, start measuring your curtain fabric. Determine the length and width of the desired line and divide according to the width of the curtain, do not forget to mark it using a pencil. Then glue the tape to limit the area of the curtain to be painted. Only then slowly the painting process begins.

To make curtains, you do not always have to buy new fabrics. You can always use the materials at home. There is a lot of material in the house that you can make the material to make curtains. You already know how to use patchwork, ribbons, and scarves to make a curtain. Another material is a bed sheet that you normally use as a mattress cover.

Use your unused sheets to be an amazing curtain. Making curtains from used bed sheets will be better to use a sheet of plain and thick-colored. To make it, prepare a sewing machine so that the bed linen can be neatly combined.

Sewing using the machine will also make the seam strong. Collect bedspreads of matching color, cut them into sections that match the width and height of the curtains. After being a few parts and sewing by accent folds. To hang it up, pin the rings. This curtain model will fit on the window of your daughter’s room because it gives the impression of girly. The unique shape, of course, makes people do not think that this curtain conjured from a bed sheet.