Three Social Media In Spent Banya Kuota That You Have

Social media is now the most important part of the lives of many people. Many people use social media to show their true identity. For that, internet connection is very needed by anyone who has social media. In fact, internet pelosok is come to provide an adequate internet connection for everyone.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not realize that there are social media outlets that spend a lot of their key quota. Some of these social media are

1. Instagram
This application becomes an application that is widely used by everyone. The number of photos and videos you see will greatly affect your main quota. Especially if you use it continuously and too often.

2. Youtube
Because this app gives you videos and lots of music you can hear, it will greatly deplete the main city you have.

3. Facebook
Video feature in facebook application will be very useful when you’re bored, but because it is also the same that causes facebook become a social media that suck the quota in large numbers and not realized.