The benefits of images and pictures for SEO

It is undeniable if at this time if we want to find a definitive image using the most powerful search engine that is Google Image Search. Because this is the biggest and main source of internet users to find images as you wish. Then what the impact image of SEO a blog, must exist as the contents of a quality blog, the picture is one important element. Even for some blogs (photo blogs, infographic blogs, and other image-based blogs) images are the main content. In the world of web 2.0, the image has become a visual object that becomes the daily menu. Just look at web-web social networks like google plus, facebook, and twitter which now continues to be the majority of users of the Internet. In the meantime, you might also use the Spinjutsu image spinner to boost the image-related SEO method for your website.

Now that the question is how to make the existing image on our blog more SEO friendly in the eyes of search engines google, bing, ask and Yahoo, this way I think:

1. Use of Image File Name
The file name must be filled in simple and not confusing or the descriptions are as unique as possible. But it must be the theme of the picture.

2. Use of Alt Text (Text in Alt Attribute)
Actually, search engines can not “see” images but can only “read” the text. The text in alt serves as an anchor text (just like anchor text link). Alt can be more descriptive than the image file name.

3. Image File Size
The weight of a blog page greatly affects the speed of loading the blog, and this certainly affects visitors who open our blog. If the displayed image size is too big this will make the blog loading to be slow. So the image size is very important to consider.

4. Do not take pictures from unknown sources
If we take pictures from other people’s blogs, I suggest to download first and then uploaded to our blog. Because if we directly install the image with the add URL of the blog people if a time the picture was lost to eat the image on our blog is also lost, this big influence on our blog SEO.