Awesome Facts Why You Need WordPress

WordPress is a very popular blogging platform in the world. Okay, maybe you already know that. Blogging platform created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in 2003 has been transformed into ‘ruler’ blogging world only in the period eleven years since its inaugural launch. I do not think we need to explain in detail the greatness offered by WordPress. The fantastic statistical rows that WordPress has ever printed below seem to have described their prowess (and why you need WordPress on your website). For those of you who want to actively use WordPress, can visit

1. 74.6 Million Website Depends on WordPress
Yep, you read it wrong. Approximately 74.6 million websites depend on WordPress. Half of these websites (around 37 million of them) use WordPress free version. Meanwhile, 18.9% of website owners use WordPress featured self-hosting (paid version).

2. 6 New Posts Every Second
Every second, on average there are 6 new posts uploaded using WordPress. This number makes the average new posts in WordPress to be as many as 342 pieces per minute, 20,000 posts per day, and 7.5 million posts per year!

3. Available Up to 29 thousand WordPress Plugins
It is not a secret if one of the advantages of WordPress compared to other platforms is the availability of various plugins. There are currently about 29 thousand WordPress plugins that you can use and at least one new plugin is uploaded every hour.

4. Available 40 WordPress Translation Versions
The high popularity of WordPress encourages them to update their platform with local languages in the world and not just English. So far there have been 40 different languages applied. But if you think this is still lacking, you just need to be patient. The WordPress team is currently trying to bring more usable languages.

5. Keyword Relating to WordPress Wanted More Than 37 Million Times Each Month
The word “WordPress” is searched for more than 450ribu times in a month. That’s just for exact-match only, excluding WordPress words included in a phrase such as “WordPress help” or “WordPress plugin”. Well, if all the searches related to WordPress summed, every month WordPress sought as much as 37 million times in search engines! This means that within a year alone there are over 410 million searches related to WordPress!